Looking for top talent
HVAC and sanitary equipment on-site management and drawing creation
More details in the interview!
Plumber (Up to 40 years)
13000 Yen to 20000 Yen over (day)
Facilities and miscellaneous construction
9000 Yen to 15000 Yen over (day)
That allowed the inexperienced and experienced person will be favored.
Salary is depending your willingness.
Plumbing drainage pipe work, HVAC, plumbing, and outside (contract also allowed)
Welcome to who wants to remember equipment-miscellaneous construction
(sleeve construction etc.).
How to apply for it and contacts
Submissions accepted from time to time.
On the telephone contact, please bring resume.
Contact: TEL 0475-58-0901 (Japan)
Charge: Suzuki